Decorative Glass Adhesive Technical Information

Cure Properties

Nano470 Decorative adhesive can be cured by irradiation with UV/Visible light of sufficient intensity. The cure rate and ultimate depth of cure will depend on light intensity, the spectral distribution of the light source, the exposure time and the light transmittance of the substrates.


This product is light sensitive; exposure to daylight, UV light and artificial lighting should be kept to a minimum during storage and handling.


It should be kept in an unopened container in a cool and dry location.

Optimal Storage:

80 f to 210f Storage below 80f or greater than 210f can adversely affect product properties.

Material removed from containers may be contaminated during use. Do not return product to the original container. Keep away from children.

Safe Light Technology

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Composition and Information on Harmful Ingredients

Ingredients      % by weight     Hazard     

          Symbol     R Phrases

Alphatic urethane acrylate     <70     Irritant     36

Hydroxy alkyl

Methacrylate     <40     Irritant     36/38, 43

Methacrylic Acid     >1     Irritant     36

Physical and Chemical Properties

Form:     Clear

Colour:     Clear, colourless

Odour:     Faint/Sweet

Melting point:     N/D

Boiling point:     N/D

Flash point:     97 ± 1.5°C

Flammability:     Low

Solid Content:     Approx. 100%

Autoflammability:     Low

Explosive limits     UEL :N/D       LEL : N/D

Oxidising properties:

Vapour pressure

(of principle component and name):     @ 20°C  <1mmHg

          Hydroxy methacrylate

Relative density:          1,0757  (g/cm³)

Solubility in water:          Negligible


Brookfield @ 25°C, spindle 4     2740 @ 20RPM,  2748@ 50RPM