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Nano470 Decorative Glass Adhesive

Nano470 Decorative Bevel Adhesive cures optically clear, perfect for seamless glass to glass bonding . If you are bonding glass bevels to a window or a mirror, you will enjoy the clarity and ease Nano470 Decorative Adhesive will offer you.

Now with white light technology, you can cure Nano470 with just a white florescent tube, no need for expensive and dangerous UV lights.

Demonstrated below are numerous applications Nano470 Decorative Adhesive offers you. From Glass bevel Clusters onto a glass window, glass bevel circles onto a shower screen, Glass bevels onto Glass balustrade, even a perspex logo to a glass surface.

All with the safe and inexpensive curing method of a white florescent tube.

50  grams

200 grams

Applications of circular Bubbles to a shower screen.

Application of a glass bevel spiral shell to a shower screen

Seahorse cluster to glass pool fence

Glass wave visual strip on a glass door

Perspex logo bonded onto a glass  pane

Glass circles bonded onto pool balustrade

Glass circles bonded onto a mirror

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