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Dangers of UV Adhesives in the Work Place

University of Washington Dangers of UV Adhesives in the Work Place

The Worlds Most Advanced Windscreen Repair Resin

Incredibly thin viscosity, able to penetrate the tights cracks effortlessly

8 Quick Reasons to use Nano470™

     1.     Cures without UV light - Nano470™ resin will cure under a normal fluorescent tube. It will also cure under UV light 30 % faster than the resin you are using at the moment

     2.     Less Shrinkage - Nano470™ requires lower energy levels to cure, therefore, less shrinkage occurs. This gives you a better long-term repair that won't fall out

     3.     Near Invisible Repair - Nano470™ has an extremely low refractive index giving you a near invisible repair

     4.     No Discolouration - Nano470™ has been formulated with photo-initiators that do not discolour. Happy Customers!

     5.     Price - Nano470™ is a world class resin and you deal direct with the importer saving you big bucks!

     7.     Only thin and thick resin required - No longer do you need to stock an assortment of resins. Nano470's water viscosity and thick pit filler will easily fill the tightest cracks, stars, bulls eyes, and lamination breaks. If you require a different viscosity just mix the two up yourself.

     8.     Low odour

     9.     Low irritation to skin

The viscosity of the resin is scary! The ease it penetrates is amazing.

It's excellent for star repairs. The filling process is very easy and quick and the staff think it's brilliant.

Darryl Hunt

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