Professional Windscreen Repair Kit

There is NO CDrom in this kit anymore all instructional videos are on-line

1x 10ml bottle of Nano470 Thin Resin

1x 10 ml bottle of Nano470 Medium Pit Resin

1x 10 ml bottle of Nano470 Pit polish

1x Nano470 stainless steel piston injector

1x Aluminium bridge with suction cap & nylon stabiliser bolts

1x 12 volt drill with long extension lead and battery clips.

2x Spare rubber sleeve inserts

6x Burrs

4x Razor blades

10x Mylar Film square patchers

5x Needles

5x Syringes

1x 12 volt 13 watt light with lighter and battery fittings.

1x Printed instructions

1x Tool box

2x Black plastic ziplock bags for resin storage

Nano470 Kits

Our windscreen repair kits are engineered here in Australia and tested under all Australian conditions. The Nano470 Windscreen Repair Kits, have proven to be an excellent work horse for any windscreen repair business. Simple and easy to use, producing excellent results.

We supply a kit with or without a drill and the associated consumables. This is mainly for the Techs who want to upgrade their kit that have a drill.

Nano470 Windscreen Repair Kit, operating under controlled conditions in a workshop, a customers garage or factory etc.

Nano470 Windscreen Repair Kit operating out doors. There are a few special procedures you will need to follow working in the sunlight, even on a cloudy day.

Safe Light Technology

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