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It was a pleasure speaking with you Tuesday.  As I said in our conversation - Your resin is exactly what I had been looking for.  It works better, at hiding the shimmering legs of the tightest star breaks, than anything I have ever seen. It's a beautiful thing when you tell a customer you can only hide 80-90% and when they look for the repair they cannot find it.  Nano470 consistently exceeds expectations, both mine and my customers.  Please don't change your formula to save $$ - I would happily purchase your resin at ANY price. It is so thin it makes short work of any star break - the perfect choice for the new tech - their repairs will look better than the most experienced tech in a fraction of the time.  Other manufactures need to pay close attention to your product as well.  I believe your resin sets a new standard. Did I mention I received each shipment in two –three days. Keep up the good work.

Mike Galati – Owner


Nano470 resin is the thinnest resin you will ever use. This is a claim that many companies make, but when you first experience the Nano470 Premium Super Thin Resin, you will be truly amazed.

You will notice how the resin moves quickly and effortlessly through the crack, decreasing the time it takes to do a repair. 

Nano470 Pit filling resin is also an amazing product. It has the same refractive index as the PVB layer in the windshield, when cured.

This finishes off your repair as if it was glass itself.


The Refractive Index

Nano470 Premium Super Thin Resin and the Premium Pit Filling Resin cures with both UV and White light!

You will no longer need to buy expensive UV lights or bulbs.

A simple 12 volt white fluorescent light will cure your resin.

This gives you more flexibility when deciding on what   light source to use.

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The table below displays the refractive indexes of windscreen glass, the PVB layer, which is sandwiched in the windscreen glass layers and the nano470 pit filling repair resin.


As can be seen in from the figures in the above table, the refractive index of Nano470 is close to that of the PVB layer within the windscreen.  On developing Nano470 matching the refractive index of the product with that of the PVB layer (1.47) was the primary concern.  PILKINGTON AGR EUROPE have confirmed that the true refractive index of a windscreen is read not by the refractive index of the glass but by the refractive index of the PVB layer.

By matching the repair resin’s refractive index with that of the PVB layer, Nano470 displays the maximum possible optical clarity.

9 Fantastic Benefits of using Nano470

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The Product Nano470

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